Unique Technologies

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Plasmacluster Ion technology is an original Sharp sanitising công nghệ that purifies the air by emitting positive & negative ions. Plasmacluster Ion technology deactivates suspended airborne mould, viruses, dust mite allergens & bacteria. It attacks a wide range of odours including pet dander & cigarette smoke.

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Haze mode

Haze mode allows a purifier lớn operate at a maximum speed for the first 10 minutes, then operate higher tốc độ mode for next 50 minutes.

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After 60 minutes, purifier will continue to purify between normal and high airflow for every đôi mươi minutes. This mode is suitable when you get back from outside.


Filtration Technology

Micron-mesh Pre-filter

Micro-mesh permanent pre-filters capture large airborne particles, including dust, pollen, hair, and pet dander, so it helps extend the life of the True HEPA & Carbon filters. It can be cleaned periodically by vacuuming or hand-washing.

HEPA filter

All HEPA filter must be tested and certified to lớn prove that it will remove at least 99.97% of particles 0.3-micron in diameter from the air passing through the filter. Filters particles that size are about 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.Washing HEPA filter with liquid can damage filter life and its efficiency, eventually no longer provide security. 



Country of originThailand
Model NameFP-J30E-A
Recommended Area23m2
Warranty24 months
Replacement filter typeFZ-F30HFE
Featured TechnologyPlasmacluster Ion, Haze mode
Dimensions ( W x H x D) (mm)211 x 411 x 431
Noise level (Max / Med/ Low)44 / 23 dB
Air Flow (Max) (m2/hour)180
SensorFilter replacement alarm
ColorWhite xanh / black white
Power input đầu vào (Max / Med/ Low)50 / 13 W
Special Program modeHaze mode, Sleep mode, Timer
Weight (kg)4.0 kg
Capture & reduction of growthAirborne microbes/ Viruses / Tree Pollen / Dust Mite feces / Dust mite remains
Air purification – DeodorizingPet odor / body toàn thân odor / Mold odor / Ammonia
Filter TypeHEPA
Dust collection (Filter Life)Up khổng lồ 1 year
Humidifying filterNo
Power Code length2.0 m
Plug typeType C (2 pin)