Fix: page_fault_in_nonpaged_area

Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area errors have been around since Windows XP if not longer. They refer lớn Windows or a Windows application trying khổng lồ access a part of physical memory that is invalid, either it is in use by another app or is reserved for something else. Windows somehow cannot cope with it and will generate this error và a blue Screen of Death.

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Then, click on Advanced options.
Go back to lớn Update & Security & click Check for updates, allow the process to complete.
Right-click your graphics card, sound card, network card & any peripherals you have connected and select Update Driver Software. Repeat for each piece of hardware.

This should fix ‘Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area’ errors in most cases. If it doesn’t, the cause may be memory related.

Burn it to a CD or tải về the USB version.Boot your computer from the media and allow the kiểm tra to run. It should perform 8 passes and could take a few hours depending on how much memory you have và the tốc độ of your computer.

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If Memtest86+ finds errors, troubleshoot by swapping RAM slots or sticks and performing the kiểm tra again. If you have faulty RAM replace it. If you have a faulty RAM slot, work around it or replace the motherboard.

Memory Errors & Windows 10

Unfortunately, memory errors can occur, but they don’t mean that you need lớn buy a new computer. Start by rebooting your system và move on to more complex solutions, there’s no sense in performing a bunch of unnecessary work if you don’t need to. On the bright side, now you know some of the steps you can take lớn fix the issue if it arises while using your máy vi tính or PC.

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