Lỗi Could Not Find This Item Windows 10

This error will appear when you are trying to access a certain tệp tin either to lớn delete, rename, or xuất hiện it. Logically speaking, if you can locate and view a file on your computer, you should also have clear access to lớn it. However, this strange error occurs & you are unable to do anything with that file.

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Sometimes this occurs with files created by third-party services and it occurs because the file’s extension is not properly defined. There are other obscure causes as well. Follow the several methods in this article khổng lồ either delete the file successfully since that is what users most want lớn do. Good luck!

Solution 1: Use the Following Command lớn Delete the Problematic File

This is one of the commands which can be used khổng lồ delete the problematic tệp tin or folder. Deleting it may be important if it is linked lớn the software you uninstalled a while ago, especially if the file takes up a lot of space on the disk. Try this method but make sure you type in the correct path khổng lồ the tệp tin instead of our placeholder.

Search for “Command Prompt” either in the Start menu or by clicking the search button right next to it, right-click on it, & select the “Run as administrator” option. You can also use the Windows Key + R key combination and type in “cmd” in the Run dialog box.

rd /s \?X:adfolderpathYou should see the Operation completed successfully message. If you don’t kiểm tra to see if you have input the file’s location correctly. If you have, try checking out other solutions below.

Solution 2: A Command Prompt Tweak to lớn Rename the thư mục and Operate with it Normally

If you don’t want lớn delete the thư mục (if it contains important files), you can rename it using these commands lớn a non-problematic name and khuyễn mãi giảm giá with it the normal way by handling it via Windows Explorer. Follow the commands below carefully.

Search for “Command Prompt” either in the Start menu or by clicking the tìm kiếm button right next to it, right-click on it, & select the “Run as administrator” option. You can also use the Windows Key + R key combination và type in “cmd” in the Run dialog box.

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Type in cd followed by the path khổng lồ the file in the format C:Folder1Folder2Folder3. However, this time you need to lớn omit the problematic file. In other words, the last folder in the command should be the thư mục where the problematic tệp tin is located:

cd C:Folder1Folder2Folder3Press Enter after this command. Use the following set of commands which will be displayed below. Each command is in a new line so press Enter after you type in or copy each line:DIR /A /X /PRENAME (the current name of the problematic file) (a non-problematic name)EXITMake sure you only write the current name & the new name separated by a space. Don’t write the brackets in the command. If everything goes well, you should now be able to lớn operate the tệp tin normally via Windows Explorer.

Solution 3: tệp tin without Any Extension

This method can be applied to scenarios where the problematic tệp tin does not have a viable extension meaning Windows just doesn’t know what to vị with it and it displays the error message from above. The usual scenario occurs with files created by browser plugins (Mozilla Firefox plugins most notably) so here is how you can delete those files:

Follow steps 1 & 2 from the solution above in order lớn correctly navigate to the file’s location on your computer. Be careful while inputting the folders.Press Enter after the command và use the following one in order khổng lồ delete the problematic file with the problematic extension (or the lack of one, lớn be more exact):

del *.*Open file Explorer to check if the file is really gone.

Solution 4: Workaround with Archiving

This solution is more of a workaround but it gets the job done as a side-effect of another action. That being said, it’s perfect for users who don’t lượt thích using Command Prompt and who want to bởi everything using their mouse in a graphical environment. It’s also easy to use so make you try this one out!

Locate the problematic tệp tin or folder on your computer by navigating to lớn it in file Explorer. Right-click on it and choose the Add to lớn archive option from the context menu.When the archiving options window opens, locate the Delete files after archiving option và make sure you select it. Click OK lớn start the archiving process and, after it finishes, you should notice that your problematic file is missing!Delete the archive you created as well by right-clicking on it & choosing the Delete option from the context menu.
By Kevin ArrowsJune 12, 2021
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How khổng lồ Fix the “Could not find this item. This is no longer located in . Verify the item’s location & try again”

If the issue is with your Computer or a máy vi tính you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories và replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to lớn a system corruption. You can tải về Restoro by clicking the download button below.